Data news: 13/03/2020

As per decree law dated 11/03/2020 ONLY the following shops/businesses will be open.  All shops will have to guarantee that attendees can queue and stay in the shop facilities keeping the safe distance of at least 1 meter each other.


  • Shopping malls (only food department)

  • Supermarket

  • Discount food store

  • Groceries stores

  • Frozen food stores

  • Retail of computer assistance/maintenance, electronic devices, audio video devices, appliances, telecommunications equipment

  • Retail of food, drinks, tobacco in specialized businesses (Ateco code 2)

  • Retail of fuel for transport in specialized businesses

  • Retail of ICT equipment in specialized businesses (Ateco code 4)

  • Retail of hardware, paints, electrical, heating and plumbing material, float glass

  • Retail of hygienic and sanitary products

  • Retail of lightning products

  • Retail of newspapers, magazines (newsagents are open)

  • Pharmacies

  • Drugstores

  • Retail of medical and orthopedic products in specialized businesses

  • Retail of perfumery, make-up, personal hygiene

  • Pet stores

  • Photography and optician stores

  • Retail for products and fuel for heating

  • Retail of soaps, detergents, cleaning products Shopping on-line

  • Shopping via TV

  • Shopping via radio, telephone

  • Vending machine

  • Canteens and Catering with specific contracts

  • Home-delivery food

  • Food and drinks stores in gas stations along the highways, train stations, airports

  • Banks, insurance companies/offices

  • Businesses related to the agricultural and livestock industry

  • Dry-cleaners, laundries for leather and fur products

  • Dry-cleaners, laundries

  • Industrial laundries

  • Funeral parlour services


The following shops/businesses will be closed until 25.03.2020

  • Retail businesses not mentioned above

  • Open-air markets

  • All food services businesses such as bars, pubs, restaurants, pizzerias, ice-cream shops, pastry shops

  • Hairdresser’s, barbershops

  • Beauty centers/salons



It is very important to bring along the so-called Autocertificazione/Self-statement whenever you need to go out.

Please BE AWARE that you are only allowed to leave your home for the following reasons:  

  • WORK (ask your employer to issue the Employer’s statetement)

  • HEALTH ISSUES (you need to go to the hospital, you have a booked and urgent visit, you need to buy medicines)

  • URGENT NEED (to go food shopping, assist family members who are not self-sufficient)


There are several police check points that will verify the truthfulness of the self statement. In case of false statement, you will be fined and you can be reported to the public authorities.


  • Public transportation is working even if delays are expected. Some trains might be cancelled, as well as flights.

  • Taxis are operating, but due to this emergency the number might be limited

  • Couriers are operating, as well as services related to the transportation of goods

  • Banks and post office should be open but small branches may be close as they cannot guarantee the safety distance

  • Most Real Estate agencies are closed because their activity is not recognized as essential


If smart working is not applicable, all companies must ensure that the safety distance is kept by the employees and that offices/workplace are sanitized.