Data news: 24/11/2019

As every Autumn, V&S had the privilege and pleasure to attend important International conventions organized by the main organizations of moving & global mobility industry. 

Being present is not only an unmissable opportunity to meet partners, friends, customers from all over the world, but it is also a source of inspiration, listening and education. If all this were not enough, V&S staff's commitment in delivering an excellent level of service to  their customers has been recognized with important awards over the years. This year V&S is GOLD also thanks to you.  In fact, there are two GOLD AWARDS that we have been assigned:


Our 3rd GOLD  “commitment to excellence” AWARD by Cartus

and as an old song used to say: 

“Always believe in your soul

You've got the power to know

You're indestructible

Always believe in, that you are Gold”

We strongly believe in who we are and what we do. We may not be indestructible, but we have helped thousands of families to relocate in the last 130 years, we have assisted and supported them so that they can rebuild a piece of their world in Italy or elsewhere, and all their  smiles,  handshakes  and gratitude have brought us here.

Now it is our time to thank everyone!